Story Packages

A story told is heard, but a story recorded is remembered. 
Now for Always offers a range of story packages. Each package includes a one-on-one interview (either in person or virtually), resulting in your story being professionally written, with one round of edits, that is delivered as a digital copy on a USB.
Additional services such as the design, layout and printing of a physical story book or letter can also be arranged. POA
Pregnancy journey and birth stories for your little one to read when they grow up (and maybe expecting a baby of their own). These recordings may also help you to heal and process if your pregnancy and/or birth didn’t go exactly to plan.
Meeting and love stories to tell your special someone how you felt when you first saw them, how your love has grown and your hopes for the future. A perfect accompaniment to a proposal, a unique wedding day surprise or a romantic anniversary gift.
Family history stories to make sure the origins, traditions and legacies of your family are never forgotten. Designed especially for the patriarch or matriarch of the family, these keepsake stories can be recorded before age or illness affects the clarity and availability of the memories.
Birthday letters/stories that will celebrate a year or life well lived. Whether it’s a recap of your child’s 1st, 2nd, 10th or 18th year, or a reminiscence of all of a person’s years, a letter or story is the perfect way to record memories and achievements of the past, while also sharing hopes and dreams for the future.
If you have a question about a story package, would like to book a package, or want to discuss a custom package and quote please don't hesitate to contact me.
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