Stories Matter. Since humankind began civilisations have narrated their lives, recording their stories for future generations.
Cave paintings, hieroglyphs on temple walls, scrolls, letters, campfire storytelling, journals, photo albums, family trees, recipe books – these are just a few of the ways people have preserved and shared the special, happy, sad, or hard moments, adventures, traditions and learnings of their life and family.
These days people more commonly share their thoughts, life-events and photos on social media platforms. While this is an effective way to share content immediately with the masses, these posts are only a fleeting, impermanent snapshot of a broader, fuller life.
The purpose of Now for Always is to capture your stories, memories, hopes and dreams in a permanent (and if you’d like, tangible) format before they are lost forever.
Your stories are unique, real and personal. They deserve to be told and recorded for your family, for yourself, for always. It would be my honour to help you tell them.
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